Created by JOSHUA (Coming Soon)

Hack your way through the grid-puzzle network by redirecting your signal to reach the target. Tackle user-created challenges for endless puzzling.

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A Game of Cosmic Dice

Created by ALEX & JOSHUA (July 2022)

You find yourself in a cosmic realm as a pawn in a game of dice. Roll your dice correctly. This game is test of skill, not luck. The fate of your soul hangs in the balance. Created in 48 hours during GMTK Game Jam 2022.

Block Jumble

Created by ALEX & JOSHUA (June 2021)

Un-jumble the gridlocked blocks! In this casual puzzle game, complete a series of challenges by untangling the colored pieces & sliding them to the goals. Created in 48 hours during GMTK Game Jam 2021.

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Slime Rider

Created by JOSHUA (August 2020)

Ride your slime to victory! A casual puzzle-platformer where the player can't directly control their movement, but must toggle buttons to redirect their path through increasingly difficult levels.

You can use the walkthrough if you're stuck!

Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

Created by ALEX & JOSHUA (April 2019)

You and your friend have found an investor who's willing to work with you to realize your dream of running a restaurant. You've built a fantastic machine to help you. So now is your chance; don't mess this up if you want to stay in business!

You can watch the trailer on YouTube!


Created by JOSHUA (June 2018)

With the ability to rotate gravity, you traverse a series of test chambers. As you complete these challenges, the rogue intelligence running the facility reveals your purpose. And your time is almost up.

Gathering 5M+ combined plays, Rotate stands out as our most successful title so far.

Watch the trailer on YouTube, or use the walkthrough if you're stuck!


Created by ALEX & JOSHUA (August 2017)

Carefully navigate each level and try to get to the finish without running out of power. You'll encounter various obstacles as well as tiles that will help you reach the finish. Created in 72 hours during Ludum Dare 39.